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Caney Creek Yacht Club

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Caney Creek Yacht Club
P.O. Box 1307
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Caney Creek Yacht Club
9263 Asbury Ave
Kingston, OK 73439

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Information about the CCYC

Club and Membership Overview

Caney Creek Yacht Club (CCYC) is more than just a Yacht Club, our facility is Member Supported and has thirty-one (31) slips for Sailboats.

Membership Membership is required to be a part of CCYC and will give you access to many amenities.
Memberships to our club are offered at several levels. Sailboat owners will prefer our Regular Membership which can include Partnerships. This Membership will allow full access to the facility and are assigned a slip with an available dock box space. For this Membership an initial investment of $3,500.00 + dues is required. (depending upon the time of the year when joining dues may be prorated).
Annual dues: $650.00
Air Conditioning: $35.00 (if equipred)
Water Heater: $35.00 (if equiped)
Winter Heater: $35.00 (if equiped)
We do have other Membership Levels that include Senior, Auxiliary and Honorary. Please see our Club Bylaws for more information
New Regular Memberships are Provisional for one year. At the end of one year the Provisional Member(s) are voted upon by the Club for acceptance as a Regular Member.
Partnerships (boat sharing) are allowed and the Membership in the club is assigned to the Sailboat. Parties involved will share responsibilities as a single Membership with the club.
Membership does require a running and functional boat. All Sailboats located at our facility are subject to an annual sea trial where the boat must perform under power. Boats that do NOT pass are subjected to be removed at the owner’s expense as CCYC does NOT store derelict boats
Slips Each Membership is assigned a slip for their sailboat. Many of our slips are fifteen (15) feet wide and support boats up to forty (40) feet in length. Water and Electric are available for each slip at no additional charge above the annual dues.
Dock Box Each member is provided a location for a dock box and allows you to store those items that normally are not needed on our boats. In order to keep up appearances the dock boxes do need to conform to the other existing dock boxes.
Storage We have areas available where you can store other assets that you may own. Many of our members store their Dinghy’s out of the water on our maintenance dock. Storage for kayaks are also provided under shelter. Our facility can also support floating docks for jet skis. Depending upon the size and type of dock, having it stationed at the club allows you to utilized it for storing your jet ski(s) or dingy.
Sail Dock We have a Sail folding dock that doubles as a meeting area for our club functions and entertainment area for families. There are plenty of tables and chairs for families to gather and have a cook out. Equipped with a kitchen sink, a gas BBQ grill (Charcoal is NOT allowed), and a few other amenities.
Work Dock We have a maintenance dock that our members utilize for performing those tasks that are too awkward to be performed dockside of your boat. Maintenance on your boat is the most important thing you can do to protect your investment along with making your boat safe for usage. The maintenance dock allows you plenty of room.
Boat Hoist We have a hoist for performing maintenance on our boats which saves many of our members money. The hoist will support boats up to 17,000lbs and can raise boat completely out of the water. Usage of the hoist allows performing various maintenance tasks such as zinc replacement, pressure washing, packing box maintenance, replacement of through holes, rudder maintenance, and, various additional tasks as needed. The hoist has the ability to pull a mast. Our facility allows for almost all boat maintenance and repair. Usage of the hoist can be dangerous and may NOT be recommended by everyone.
Facility CCYC is member supported. Our members share in the upkeep of our docks. Members are required to be part of Work Parties to perform maintenance and repair of our facility.
Normal Work parties are scheduled events twice a year.
Our dues support the cost of the supplies and any repairs that are performed.
Boat Ramp Located in the same parking lot as CCYC is the Marshall Co supported boat ramp at no cost. When you want to bring your other toys to the lake you do NOT have to go far to launch. For weekend or other extended stays, you are able to tie up your power boat, jet skis, or other items to our docks making it nice to enjoy you time at the lake.