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CCYC Race - TSA - (Asbury Smith)
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CCYC Race - TSA - (Asbury Smith)

Bring: Bring your own beverage. CCYC will cook burgers ($5.00 each).

Wrap Up:

Winds were strong for the race and some of the boats choose to save their sails. The crews on boats that choose not to race drove around to join us for dinner. As the racers were hot and thirsty, all swam and cooled off before dinner, some at China beach and some by the water dock. Many noticed the upgrades to our facility and were very impressed. Judging by the many thanks and kind words about CCYC hospitality, it would seem that everyone had a good time. This year our guests were asked to contribute to the food cost and there were no complaints. As the Rover had race duty, it was a day hosted mostly by CCYC. I want to thank all those who helped make it happen and specifically: Alan Holmes for clearing boats and construction materials from the sail folding dock as well as greeting each guest boat to make sure they had a safe place to dock, Steve Schmitt for being ready with awards and greatly appreciated thank you presents, and Linda Thoreson and Kelly and Gail McCann for doing the cooking and food preparation.

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