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Splash Day
Event Date:

Splash Day

Location: On the Docks

Coordinations: GET YOUR TEAMS TOGETHER NOW. Notify Bob Jarvis if you plan to race and need crew - OR - if you would rather crew for another skipper.


  • 08:00 - Breakfast
  • 09:00 - Skippers Meeting
  • 10:00 - Lady Skippers Race (see rules below)
  • 12:30 - No Work Party so ... NO Lunch
  • 16:30 - Opening Ceremony (Please remember to wear your whites)
  • 17:00 - General Meeting
  • 18:00 - Coverd Dish Diner
    • Club will provide BBQ
    • Bring Sides, Salad, or desert

Race Rules:

  1. Female skippers only, no professionals (VJ)
  2. Dock Start - Follow the skipper to your south when she passes your stearn. Your sails may be ready to hoist and your engine may be running before the first boat leaves.
  3. Engine must be off prior to changing your harbor exit heading.
  4. Round "Pink" to port. Pink will be off Enos beach at a wind appropriate distance.
  5. First to round (to Starboard) the bouy at our harbor wins.

Wrap Up:

"It's a helluva day at sea, Sir!" Larry Leese quoting personnel aboard a Coast Gard vessel in the movie Overboard.

The day began early with "Breakfast" on the docks. The most common comment was "What do you mean when you say we are having canned coffee for breakfast." A mark was set off the Enos beach and a brief skippers meeting was held. Four boats braved higher than forecast winds for the Ladies race. Candenza was the winner arriving back after Wild Hare (which was awarded a DQ for numerous infractions). Fairwind withdrew so her able crew could assist Sail Pending back to the club after rudder issues developed resulting in her inability to make a left turn. Congratulations to Debra.

Lunch was served in the Thoreson's driveway. The grill proved more than adequate for cooking burgers for all. Thanks to Kelly for making an emergency trip to Madill for supplies.

We had a good turnout for the opening ceremony, meeting, and dinner. Check out all the CCYC white shirts in the pictures.

At the meeting, the Rear Commodore reported that we had finished the fingers and would inspect the stirrups when the water gets warmer. The Secretary/Treasurer reported that the club bank account has survived the 5 year project to replace the wood on our docks and has about $8000 on hand. The Commodore offered a motion to accept Julian & Lana Horner as provisionary members and the membership approved. A motion was also offered and approved to promote Roy Bruner, Richard & Nancy Dickerson, and Bob & Pam Real to Regular Membership status.

We all enjoyed BBQ for dinner along with the salads, sides, and deserts provided by the membership. Check out the new tables and chairs. The camp chairs have been auctioned off and have been removed from the docks.


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