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Spring Fling
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Spring Fling


We will be doing a shrimp boil again this year. As it is early in the season, we should start cooking around 6:00 and be eating by 6:30. Sunset will be at 7:41. The club will provide the entree (shrimp, sausage, chicken, corn, potatoes, ...). Club members are encouraged to bring salid, vegetables, and deserts. Should it turn cold or wet, we can take refuge at 1790 Hwy. 70B.

Where: Sail Folding Dock

Wrap Up:

Our, soon to be completed, labor of love was on proud display for thirty plus members and guests who attended the pre-splash fest between 5:30 and 8:00 Saturday evening. Mother nature failed to spoil the mood, because strong northerly breezes and falling temps couldn�t stop party boys, Kelly McCann and Bill Thoreson, from providing a pleasant evening on the Sail Folding dock employing the wind protection sunscreens. Thanks to Gail and Linda too. You entertainment guys have set the bar high with this first attempt and everyone is anticipating the good things to come will keep us properly spoiled.
Sous chefs, Dana Otte and Alan Holmes, once again, amazed the club with an abundant seasoned boil of shrimp, sausage, red potatoes, corn on the cob, string beans, onions and garlic prepared in huge stainless cook pots . Grilled and boiled chicken breast tenders were introduced, upon request, to the menu this year. Members contributed appetizers (a bag of Tostitos and cheese whiz?), homemade salads (the lime coleslaw was my fave), toasted french breads and about half a dozen desserts� some homemade. Tootsie�s brownies were to die for. Yours truly cooked a rum spiked pecan pie for the enjoyment of a few. Pam Plater�s pecan confection was tasty sweet as well as beautiful to see. Love presentation. I would wager everybody who brought an appetite left pleasantly sated.

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