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Work Party
Event Date:

Work Party

(Almost every weekend)

Where: On the Docks


  • Finish the Fingers

Wrap Up:

Things have changed. It is apparent that Commodore Boyd and Rear Commodore Holmes don�t believe in the romantic old ways or even business as usual. Mini-work parties, with as little as one, to mega-mobs, of as many as 15 club members and wannabes, were organized on more than six weekdays and weekends over the three months since the Year End meeting. Staying ahead of the Plater�s hired guns, Glen and Johnny, our ambitious, if not obsessive/compulsive, Flags have transformed our formerly idyllic winter recess into a furious race to upgrade the fingers with new trek boards, color coordinated rub rail (check out Hines� curved corners) and stainless screws. The effort shows. It�s beautiful. And, I am thinking of more time for sailing functions this spring, summer and fall from our nearly done and, now, sexy looking docks. Too cool for school!


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