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China Beach dingy and small boat races
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China Beach dingy and small boat races


  • Something to Race
  • beverages
  • Suntan lotion


  • Morning Races
  • Club Provides Lunch
  • Quit before we burn up

Wrap Up:

The Caney Creek Small Boat Races August 4, 2012

The Olympic medals awarded were all Aluminum: Bush, Natural, Tecate, and Miller to name a few. The wind was good and the sailing close; an excellent course was formed in Caney Creek. The speed of the Lido 14 was tested against a Sun Fish and a Hobby Cat. The Puffer and the Fatty Knees were present but not pressed into the contest. An earlier event enroute to the racecourse capsized the Lido but all recovered aluminum. The crewed Lido stayed high and dry (Smith and Holmes) sailed won two of three for the championship.

The participants Bill & Linda Thoreson, Bob & Pam Real, Dana, Deborah & Christopher Otte, Steve Smith, Tom Welch, Doug Johnson, Janelle Hamby, Melissa Hamby, Shawn, Chris Carney and Alan Holmes.

Hot Dogs cooked on the beach eaten on the sail dock in the SHADE.

Bob & Robbie sailed Saga with the good wind and the rail 6 inches out of the water. It was a good day of sailing.

Alan Holmes
Commodore CCYC



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