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Work Party
Event Date:

Location: On the Docks

Bring: Side Dishes

  • 9:00 Work 
  • 1:30 BBQ Lunch by McCann

A special thanks to everyone who showed up at the Work Party Saturday. Doug Fundom, Dana and Deborah Otte, Bill and Linda Thoreson, Bob Jarvis, Bob and Pam Real, Steve and Pam Plater (and daughter and son-in-law), Jim Meade, Brett Wimberly, Rod Reichert and Jo Diehl, Larry Leese, Richard and Nancy Dickerson, Ted Fortmann, Bob Beck, Steve Smith, Alan Holmes, Chris Carney And a special thanks to Kelly and Gail McCann for the fabulous BBQ. The day was quite productive:

1. The party extended the south access ramp, replacing with trex deck and adding handrails. The silver paint will be completely dry in a couple of weeks so touch with caution.

2. The old work dock was pulled out and dismantled. A new one will be built. Bids were taken to rebuild substructure and a bid was accepted.

3. A cut-off valve and anti-siphon valve was installed at the water meter because the utility company told the club we can no longer turn off the actual meter.

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