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Race To Lunch
Event Date:

Race To Lunch

Where: The Docks

Destination: The Point at Grandpappys


  • The Club will buy lunch.
  • Pursuit start so we all arrive at the same time.
  • We will eat at the Point resturant (plenty of tie up space).

Race Instructions:

  • You will need to have your boat rigged and ready to go before the 10:00 A.M. meeting.
  • We will use the red buoy at the entrance to our cove as the start mark.
  • The finish mark is the "No Wake" buoy just off the gas dock at Grandpappy Point.
  • It is a sailing distance of 8.0 miles from our red buoy to the "No Wake" buoy at the entrance to Grandpappy Point.
  • To get your start handicap time in seconds, multiply your boats PHRF by 8.0. IE, the start handicap for a J/24 with a PHRF of 168 would be 1344 seconds.
  • Convert your start handicap to minutes and seconds. IE, 1344 converts to 00:22:24.
  • Your Start Time is 11:00:00 - your start handicap. IE, the start time for a J/24 would be 10:37:36. ( 11:00:00 - 00:22:24)
  • Sails may not be raised until you are abreast of the northwest bearm.
  • You may not pass the red buoy until your handicapped start time.
  • The first boat to pass the No Wake buoy within a boat lenght will be the winner.


  • Spinniker Fleet - Alan Holmes
  • Working Sails Fleet - Louis Boyd
  • J/24 Fleet - Bill Thoreson

Wrap Up:

We had fun Saturday and look forward to doing it again next year. The wind had been blowing 15 or better all week but was a little light Saturday. As Louis and Alan have boats with the same PHRF rating, thay had the same start time. Louis and Tootsie teamed up with Edd and Susanne while Alan teamed up with Dana, Larry, and son Alex. In the pictures, it looks like Louis had position on the start but Alan had blinding boat speed at the start and was soon clear ahead. Bob and Robbie choose to drive over and join us for a fine lunch. Better winds provided us with a warm but fine sail home. We finished the afternoon with a swim on "China Beach."




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