Board Of Governors



Dean Bossee


SEC 4 The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

  1. keep the minutes of the meeting of the Club and of the Board of Governors. He shall have custody of all reports and documents connected with the Club.
  2. keep a correct log of members, and membership documentation.
  3. keep on file all Membership applications.
  4. have custody of the Club Seal and all trophies.
  5. conduct necessary correspondence of the Club.
  6. have charge of the funds of the Club, sign checks and keep a correct account of all monies received or paid out in books provided for that purpose, and under the direction of the Board of Governors to disburse the funds.
  7. deposit funds in the name of the Club in a depository approved by the Board of Governors.
  8. present at each Regular Meeting of the Club, and whenever requested by the Board of Governors, a detailed account showing the financial condition of the Club and file same.
  9. collect all monies due.
  10. make an Annual Report at the Annual Meeting in December and submit it to the Membership at the close of the Fiscal Year in the January’s Club’s newsletter.